Space Necklace #02

This super light, architectural necklace is defined by the volume of space that it outlines. Its complex, twisting form is only made possible by the unique process of 3D printing, which builds up the structure micron-by-micron and as one piece. It brings a completely new aesthetic to jewellery and is definitely a conversation starter, with people you may or may not already know - as I found out when wearing it.

The 3D printed nylon structure is polished to a smooth, matte finish, and threaded onto a delicate sterling silver ball chain which provides weight to the otherwise feather-light piece. Comes with free Barcelona air inside.

Space Collection

The Space Collection is all about fine, architectural structures that can only be made in one piece with 3D printing. The designs twist through three dimensions to create extremely lightweight geometric forms that would be impossible to make using traditional manufacturing processes. This makes the Space collection highly original and with an aesthetic that's completely new to jewellery design.