Facet Necklace

This necklace proves that you don't have to drape yourself in shiny bling to stand out from the crowd. In fact, it's neither shiny nor metallic, as both the faceted bib piece and the closure at the back are 3D printed in matte-finish nylon. It's a statement piece for sure, but with its subtle, angled surfaces that play with light and shadow, it's at the same time elegant and easy to wear.

The necklace is printed in nylon and polished to a smooth, matte finish which looks a bit like velvet and shows off the triangular facets in the light. It's under 1mm thick and super lightweight, but still strong and slightly flexible. The necklace is threaded onto a slate grey nylon cord, and has a white, 3D printed closure, designed and made especially for the piece. It has no metal parts, so it's also ideal if you have sensitive skin and still want to impress with an eye-catching necklace.


Facet Collection

The Facet Collection brings together the play of sharp angles and clean surfaces of origami with the precision of 3D printing technology.