Megan Grace (Designer)

Megan Grace (Designer)

 The Robot: the 3D Printer

The Robot: the 3D Printer

Grace & Robot is a jewellery brand that combines art with digital technology to create unique, wearable sculptures for the design-conscious. Founded by Megan Grace in 2015, each design is a little piece of the future; she transforms the concept sketches into digital models and brings them to life with 3D Printing.

I am a British designer, passionate about jewellery design. I founded Grace & Robot after starting to explore the exciting potential in using 3D Printing (the Robot) to bring a completely fresh aesthetic to modern jewellery. I made some one-off pieces in my spare time, and after seeing that the products were starting conversations and friends were making orders, I decided to turn my love of working with this new technology into a full-time, human-robot collaboration.

3D Printing opens up a whole new world of form, material and structure and its process of building up objects in microns-thin layers means I can create objects that were previously impossible with traditional manufacturing techniques: interlocking shapes, sharp geometric forms, intricate patterns and light, architectural volumes. I'm inspired by different disciplines, from the clean lines of mid-century architecture to minimalist sculpture, to the geometric repetition of origami surfaces and Barcelona's modernist patterns. I find 3D printing perfect for bringing these striking, clean structures to life and I love pushing its capabilities to find a balance of technical complexity and visual simplicity.

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If you'd like to buy your own, wearable piece of the future, come and have a browse of my Etsy shop.

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If you’d like to know more about my work or have enquiries about Grace & Robot products,
I'd love to hear from you. Drop me - a line at: megan [at] graceandrobot [dot] com.

Jewellery made from bits and atoms

My process starts off with hand sketching and paper prototypes to get the right size and proportions for each piece. I then model the object in a CAD program to create the digital file. This file is used by the 3D printer as instructions for bringing the product to life in the chosen material. The machine uses a laser as part of the printing process, which allows for micron-level precision. On receiving the finished printed piece, I assemble it with the silver chain or cord and closures. I package the final product in a specially-designed presentation box and deliver it to its new owner.

Designed in Barcelona

Grace & Robot is based in Barcelona, where I live. I love the city and am inspired by it every day - by the colour and energy that comes from its own mix of old and new, decay and development, pattern and chaos.  Follow me on Instagram where I capture some of this inspiration, and share news and updates from Grace & Robot.